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Mobile Traffic Enforcement

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Mobile Traffic Enforcement

Traffic Safety Systems have been supplying traffic enforcement systems to law enforcement agencies for over 30 years.

Autovision integrates state of the art digital video technology with high accuracy speed detection and enforcement system.

Using VASCAR or BEE III Radar technologies, static or moving speed enforcement measures can easily be carried out.

Our systems feature:

  • Multi-application traffic offence recording system for evidence of speeding, poor driver behaviour and incident recording
  • Simple operation – one remote handset for all controls
  • Highest quality video images
  • Super-compact – occupies minimal vehicle space with no dash intrusion
  • Additional cameras for other applications such as ANPR.

With instantaneous fast-forward and rewind and a 30 second pre event facility it ensures that no crucial incident is missed.

TSS provide the experience and high level support demanded by today’s police and law enforcement agencies.

Products > Mobile Traffic Enforcement
AutoVision Compact
Radar AutoVision (Not available in UK)


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